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Sunny Spots

Where do I start?
Just like people, some plants love sun more than others. So to get the best from the sunny spots in your garden, choose your plants carefully. Many plants that love the sun often have thick, silvery coloured leaves with little hairs that act as insulation.

Numerous flowers are well-suited to a dry, sunny site, giving you the opportunity to create all kinds of dazzling displays. And don't forget to select a few varieties that release scent for those warm, summer evenings! Whichever plants you choose, making the most of your sunny spots is easy and needn't take long.

Preparation time 30 minutes

Which plants to buy
All you need to do is choose a good mixture of shrubs, herbaceous perennials (plants that usually die back in winter and grow again the following year) and bedding plants. Lavenders are perfect for sunny, dry conditions. Oriental poppies add a dash of colour and annual bedding plants such as Begonias, Lobelias and Alyssum are great for the front of a flowerbed. It's especially easy (not to mention cost effective) to grow plants from seed on a sunny site.

To help you locate the plants easily at your Garden Centre or Nursery, the Latin names have been given first, followed by the common name.

Any of the following should flourish in moist soils in full sun:

  1. Rosa Golden Showers. Climbing Rose. Fragrant golden yellow flowers all summer. Lovely glossy green foliage. 3m x 2.5m (10' x 8')
  2. Lavatera 'Barnsley' (Mallow). SHrub. Silver-pink flower spikes all summer. Pale evergreen foliage. 1.75m (5').
  3. Cistus x purpureus (RockRose). Shrub. Bright rose-pink flowers during summer with evergreen foliage. 1.5m (4').
  4. Allium giganteum (Ornamental Onion). Bulb. Purple globes during summer followed by seed heads that can be cut and dried. 1.5m (4').
  5. Penstemon varieties. Herbaceous perennial. Wonderful plants flowering all summer in a wide range of colours. Evergreen if sheltered. 20-60cm (8-24").
  6. Dianthus (Pink). Border plant. Pink, red or white flowers during summer with silver-green leaves. 25-45cm (10-18").
  7. Helianthemum varieties (Rock Rose). Wide variety of colours available. Evergreen. 10-20cm (4-8").
  8. Lavandula angustifolia. 'Hidcote' (Lavender). Shrub. Deep blue spikes of flowers ideal for drying, silver-green aromatic foliage. 45cm (18").
  9. Euphorbia characias (Spurge). Herbaceous perennial. Elegant spikes of lime green flowers and evergreen foliage. Poisonous. 1.5m (4').
How to plant them
Planting time 30 minutes Bedding plants (plants that last one season) Shrubs and perennials (plants that last more than one season) Time-saving tips  
(for flowers that last for more than one season) Looking after your plants Your sunny spot in winter What you'll need
Fork Trowel
Hoe Watering can or Hose
Shopping List
Planting compost or well rotted manure (cocoa shells, gravel or bark)

Water retaining gel granules (optional)

Binomial when planting in autumn or winter and Grower during spring and summer.

Plants that love sun
You'll find Latin names help you locate the plants at your Garden Center or Nursery. Here are just a few to choose from:

Anthems varieties. Herbaceous perennial.

Aster novae-angliae varieties (Michael's Daisy). Herbaceous perennial.

Aubrieta varieties. Border plant.

Caryopteris x clandonensis. Shrub.

Fritillary imperials (Crown Imperial). Bulb.

Genets lied (Broom). Shrub.

Herbs - many varieties

Potential fruticosa varieties. Shrub.

Santolina chamaecyparissus (Cotton Lavender). Shrub.

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