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A listing of the postcards currently on display in the windows of the local newsagents.
Not in any particular order within the basic categories, just browse around!
Please approach the relevant newsagent for contact information, if none is supplied in this listing.
With a bit of luck, he'll sell you something useful while you're there!
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For Sale

Peugeot 405 Mi-16 1,250. See our full-page advertisement, with photographs.e-mail 
Amstrad PCW 9512 word processor, complete with printer, manuals, many disks (some new). Ideal for some-one wanting a simple and reliable machine for word-processing or experimenting with the CP/M operating system. Only 55 e-mail 
Compaq Portable PC This is a classic of its time. Hopelessly outdated now, but has Windows, with Spreadsheet and Word Processing applications, along with a beautiful plasma display screen. Floppy-disk drive and 20Mb fixed disk, but perfectly adequate for the above applications. 35 or very near offer. e-mail

Shaver Repairs Berry Electrical of North Cheam. Opposite Woolworth Tel 020 8337 3288 

Free, to a good home!
Many copies of the old Short Wave magazine. Ideal browsing material, for anyone who wants to know how steam radio worked in the good old days. Excellent source material for gaining an understanding in the basics and specialities of short-wave communication. The physics doesn't change, only the technology to utilise it! e-mail

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