Volunteers Are Always Wanted For The Following Services
The Samaritans | Sutton Borough Volunteer Bureau | Sutton Talking Newspaper

The Samaritans provide a vital service for people in crisis.

We need more volunteers. You can be any age (over 17) and from any background, race or culture. You don't need any qualifications, but you need to be:

If you would like to know more, please telephone us on 01372 375555 or write to us at 7 Church Road, Leatherhead KT22 8AT

We will be very pleased to hear from you.
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Sutton Borough Volunteer Bureau
Volunteers Wanted, Drivers Wanted
Who Volunteers? People like you.
What Can I Do? 
You can choose. We can offer you a wide choice of opportunities to suit your particular talents and abilities. 
Do I Need Experience? 
No. There will always be someone to help or advise you. Training can be arranged, when necessary.
How Much Time Will It Take? 
This depends on how much time you have to spare. As little or as much time as you want: the choice is yours.
What Will I Get Out Of It? 
  • Useful reference for prospective employers
  • Add to your CV
  • Satisfaction of helping others
  • Making new friends
  • Learning new skills
  • Interest and enjoyment
  • Valuable use of your spare time
  • Interested? 
    To find out more, please send your name, address, daytime and evening telephone numbers to: 
    Sutton Borough Volunteer Bureau 
    FREEPOST CN 2576 
    Surrey  SM1 1BR
    Join Us In Helping Others
    Is there anything you would particularly like to do? We urgently require any of the following skills:
    Shopping Visiting
    Transport Escorting
    Wheelchair Pushing Emergency Help
    Gardening DIY
    Befriending Advice/Counselling
    Education The Arts/Leisure
    Conservation Office/Clerical
    Fundraising Shop Work
    Catering Anything Else!
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    Sutton Talking Newspaper

    When is no news NOT good news?
    ...when sight failure means newspapers and books can no longer be read.

    HAVE you a relative or friend who can no longer read the local newspaper because of poor sight?

    DO they know about Sutton Talking Newspaper? It may be just what they would enjoy.

    Network of local talking newspapers which covers most of the country - information can be obtained from Talking News Federation (TNF) on 0871 226 5506.

    National talking newspapers and magazines are available from Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom (TNAUK) on 01435 866102.

    REMEMBER...a person does not have to be registered as blind or partially sighted to be entitled to this service. An inability to read print is enough to qualify.

    READ on, to discover how to set about obtaining this service...

    So here's good news for those who get no news

    SUTTON TALKING NEWSPAPER is a tape/CD of news items from your local newspapers. Yes, we now provide CDs as well as tapes for those who would prefer them.

    THE WEEKLY TAPE/CD provides 30 minutes of news and, on the reverse side, a magazine.

    THERE IS NO CHARGE for the service and, where necessary, tape recorders can be provided on loan.

    THE TAPE/CD GOES POST-FREE (by courtesy of the Post Office) and is prepared and dispatched every Thursday evening to arrive at the listener's home by Friday or, at the latest, Saturday.

    CASSETTES ARE IN POUCHES with a reversible label and are returned to the STN Studio in Sutton, again post-free.

    IN CASE OF OPERATING DIFFICULTIES or faults each listener has a telephone number to contact.

    What has to be done for someone to become a listener to the local news?

    The Simple 4-Point Procedure

    Telephone the STN Secretary, Jill Nicol on 020 8642 1611 to ask for an application form.

    Ask your own GP or optician if he/she is prepared to sign it. This is really to show that he/she confirms that you cannot read newsprint. It also satisfies STN.

    Send the completed form to the address shown.

    Await results.

    What Could Be Simpler?

    If, when you read this, you are saying "but the person I have in mind does not live in Sutton" then you will be glad to know that most areas of the country are covered by a network of Talking Newspapers

    Telephone the National Talking Newspaper headquarters to ask for details.
    0435 866102 or 0435 865058

    Also on tape...
    National Newspapers and Magazines

    Talking Newspapers are part of an extensive news and reading service for people with a visualloss.

    As well as the RNIB Talking Book Library, there is a wide range of national newspapers and magazines available on tape for people with a visual handicap or other disabilities. This is a subscription service.

    For a leaflet and application form or further information, telephone the providers of the service - TNAUK (Talking Newspaper Association of the United Kingdom) on 0435 866102 or 0435 865058

    There are over 100 national newspapers and magazines, including radio and TV programmes to choose from.

    If you, or a relative or friend, are no longer able to enjoy a national newspaper or a specialist magazine of your choice, don't miss out. It's there, waiting for you, on tape.

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